Fight against COVID-19 with ForaCare

Fight against COVID-19 with ForaCare

Innovative remote patient monitoring solutions include thermometers and pulse oximeters to monitor coronavirus symptoms.


With the coronavirus outbreak and mandatory quarantine across multiple countries, higher-risk patients can be monitored by using our connected infrared thermometers and pulse oximeters. With a connection to iFORA apps and FORA Telehealth System, patients can be monitored from their homes.

FORA Telehealth System

Caregivers are alerted in case of any abnormal readings via our FORA Telehealth System, an online platform that connects patients and caregivers to quickly provide professional advice via a tele-assisted case management program. The solution provides safety and comfort for both caregivers and patients by removing physical interactions.


It is is a mobile app designed to manage multiple-parameters including temperature and SpO2 measurements from FORA Bluetooth thermometers and pulse oximeter. The data can be synced to a telehealth system. See More


Tools to self-monitor COVID-19 symptoms

The ideal FORA tools to monitor the disease’s symptoms include the FORA FocusTemp IR42 non-contact forehead thermometer, the IR20b infrared ear thermometer, and the FORA PO200 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Common symptoms include fever and shortness of breath. FORA thermometers have a color-coded backlight fever indicator to warn patients when they have a fever, and the pulse oximeter will alert patients in case of low oxygen readings.

FocusTemp IR42 Forehead Thermometer
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IR20b  Ear Thermometer
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PO200  Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
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Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station

measures people’s temperatures upon approach, reducing the possibility of cross-infection. It is ideally used in places with a large flow of people, including hospitals, schools, and corporations.


Constantly innovating and creating new products to improve the health of thousands of patients, ForaCare Suisse offers a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices for Telehealth, with bridges to patients, hospitals, and doctors. It provides SIM solutions for any diabetic patients who can Test Simply and Live Better with ForaCare Suisse products.

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